Cadillac CT6 Rearview Mirror Offers Hi-Res Video

Cadillac is changing the way with think about rearview mirrors, unveiling its hi-res video rearview mirror which promises to offer an unprecedented view of the world outside the car. Available in the 2016 Cadillac CT6, the new rearview mirror will feature high-res video streaming from the outside of the car, and displayed for the driver to see.

Cadillac says the new Cadillac CT6 rearview mirror will improve rearward visibility by more than four times that of a standard rearview mirror. And, in the event the rear-mounted camera is blocked by rain, snow, or mud, the mirror can function as a conventional mirror using the switch on the underside of the mirror.

“The closest comparison to this kind of rear vision would be driving a convertible with the top down,” Travis Hester, executive chief engineer for the CT6, said in a statement.

Because the mirror streams video from outside, there are no obstructions – like headrests or A-pillars – eliminating blind spots and making it easier for drivers to see everything that is happening behind the car.

To learn more about the upcoming Cadillac CT6 and all of its exciting technology, stop by DeVoe Cadillac!

Best Dash Cam Apps

Cadillac DashIf you’re in search of a dash cam for your car, you might want to consider a dash cam app. These apps turn your smartphone into a dash cam while you’re on-the-go, and will save you the big price tag associated with true dash cams. Here is a rundown of the three best dash cam apps so you can find the right fit for your car.

AutoGuard. Offered in both a free version and a paid version ($2.99), this camera app provides all the same basic functionality of a dash cam. The premium version allows you to sync videos to YouTube and can run at the same time as other apps – otherwise the two versions are about the same. The app runs in the background, so you can use navigation or other apps while the dash cam continues to record.

CamOnRoad. This dash cam is only offered in one (free) version, and offers 2GB of cloud storage space for its users to store videos. CamOnRoad uses your phone’s built-in GPS functionality to record where you are in the even an incident happens.

CaroO. This app has both a free and premium version ($4.99), both of which offer a ton of functionality. The free version only allows 100 uses before you need to upgrade, but that allows users to decide if it’s a good fit before paying. This dash cam app features the ability to connect to an OBD2 Bluetooth scanner to pull information straight from your car’s computer–a feature most other dash cams don’t have.

To learn more about dash cam apps, visit

It’s Time to Fake the Fall Season in Florida

When you think about fall, most people imagine a rainbow of crunchy leaves, cozy sweaters, delicious smells, and pumpkin everything. Here in Florida, fall is something a little different—palm trees, warm breezes, and white sandy beaches.

fall foliageBut, if you’re in the mood for a classic fall, here are some tips to fake the fall season in Florida:

  • Visit local farmers markets to enjoy the bounty of the autumn harvest.
  • Have a northern neighbor mail you a box of brightly-colored fall leaves. Use them as decorations, or you can even burn them to create a wonderful smell
  • Keep a pot of simmering water on your stove filled with fragrant spices like cinnamon sticks, cloves, and orange slices.
  • Cook lots of fall foods, like pumpkin cookies and apple pie.
  • Turn your air conditioning down nice and cold and then put on your favorite fall outfit and cozy up with a pumpkin spice latte and your favorite book.

How do you celebrate fall in your home?

September Cadillac Sales Are Up Across the Globe

2015 is turning into a great year for Cadillac and it just keeps getting better. September Cadillac sales rose 10% around the world, including substantial gains in the United States, China, and Canada.

“Following a disciplined strategy led by increasing product substance, stronger transaction prices and lower incentives, we have a stronger foundation for growth,” said Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen, in a statement.

Here in the United States, sales rose 7.8% over last year, while China and Canada saw jumps of 14.7% and 34.6%, respectively. Leading the September sales were the popular ATS sedan and coupe and the SRX crossover.

2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe

Year-to-date, global Cadillac sales are up 3.2%.

Here at DeVoe Cadillac, we love sharing in the success of this brand that we love. If you’ve been considering adding a luxurious Cadillac to your lineup, stop by today and we’ll show you all the benefits of owning a Cadillac. Help us end 2015 on a high note.

What to Do When Your Car Breaks Down

break downNoticing that you’re having car trouble while on the road can be scary, so it’s important to know what to do when your car breaks down to keep yourself and other drivers safe from harm.

The first thing you should do is pull over to a safe location. If you’re on the freeway, the shoulder is usually a safe bet, but try to pull off as far from the lanes as possible. In cities, finding somewhere to pull over can be more difficult, and if you can’t get off the road, stop and turn your hazard lights on so that other drivers know to get around you.

Next, if you have a cell phone or some kind of fancy tech in your car to contact help, now is the time to use it. Call your roadside assistance or a tow truck. If you have a problem you know how to fix, like a loose cable or a flat tire, that’s one thing, but more complicated fixes should be left to professionals.

Stay with your car, and stay far from the traffic lanes. It’s easy to get sideswiped in speeding traffic!

City Holding Parade of Heroes and Heroes’ Festival

classic carThis Saturday, September 12th, head over to nearby Cape Coral for the Parade of Heroes and Heroes’ Festival, which celebrates our local heroes. The title “hero” applies not just to military veterans but firefighters, police officers, first responders, and community contributors like the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America.

The parade will begin at 10am at the corner of Lafayette St. and Cape Coral St. and will head west, ending at the Southwest Florida Military Museum. Immediately after the parade, the festival will start in the museum parking lot and continue into the evening, ending at 8pm.

The festival will include live entertainment and games for kids and adults, food and merchandise provided by local vendors, and—our favorite—a classic car show. No matter what you’re interested in, you’ll have a great time at the free Heroes’ Festival, and everyone can get behind supporting the people who make our city and our country great.

General Motors Opens New Active Safety Test Area in Michigan

2015 Cadillac CTSGeneral Motors offers 22 active safety technologies, and it now has one location to test them all. GM’s new Active Safety Test Area (ASTA) opened on July 24th near the automaker’s Milford Proving Ground in Michigan.

The $14 million safety testing facility is sprawled across 52 acres and will enable GM’s engineers to test current active safety features, develop new technologies, and even further the testing of vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications, which are expected to be introduced as standard in the 2017 Cadillac CTS.

Features tested in the facilities include Front Pedestrian Braking, Night Vision, Curb View Camera, and 19 others.

“Our comprehensive safety strategy of helping customers before, during and after a crash continues,” said Jeff Boyer, vice president of Global Vehicle Safety for General Motors. “GM historically has been a leader in the development and testing of safety technologies, and applying our deep knowledge and expertise to prevent crashes from happening in the first place.”

The new ASTA facilities are another sign of GM’s commitment to keep customers and its safety at the center of its mission to provide quality transportation around the world.

As Seen on Mad Men: 1965 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Up for Auction

Cadillac LogoIf you ever watched the hit television series Mad Men on AMC, you likely saw leading man Jon Hamm driving the 1965 Cadillac Coupe DeVille owned by his character, Don Draper. Unfortunately, the show’s last episode aired this past May. However, the bright side is that items from the show are now being auctioned, including that classic DeVille.

Draper was the show’s the brilliant advertising exec –creative director and junior partner of Sterling Cooper Advertising –known for his ability to make a compelling sales pitch for the agency’s diverse lineup of products.

If you are interested in purchasing his ’65 Caddy, you’ll have to act quickly to seal the deal on this famous vehicle. The auction is currently underway and will only stay open until August 6th.

Bidding began online at on Friday, July 31 at noon Pacific Daylight Time. The starting bid was listed at just $1,500.

The Cadillac is described in this way:

“Don had mixed feelings about buying that Cadillac, but eventually went through with the purchase. Here we have the actual Coupe DeVille owned and driven by Don Draper. VIN# J5166669 VEHICLE IS SOLD AS IS.”

Don’t wait; head over to the auction site and name your price today!

2015 Cadillac SUV Price Competitively Low

2015 Cadillac SRXIf you’ve always wanted a luxury SUV but didn’t want to pay the hefty price tag that comes with it, now’s your chance. The 2015 Cadillac SRX is priced competitively, starting at under $40,000. A competitor in the crossover segment, the SRX is affordable and drives like a luxury SUV that’s looking to lead the pack.

While the Cadillac SUV price sits around $38,000 for a base model, higher-end models tend to get more expensive. That price isn’t that bad, especially for a brand as well-known as Cadillac. A fully loaded, topped-out 2015 Cadillac SRX will run you closer to $50,000; not a bad price either for the value that comes with it.

The base SRX seats up to five people. Under the hood is a 3.6-liter V6 capable of 308 hp, meaning it can power along the highway or move with traffic on city streets. Mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, mileage isn’t bad, sitting at 17 city/24 hwy.

Of course, this Cadillac SUV isn’t meant for performance as much as it is a comfortable driving experience. Even lower level trims will see heated seats, power everything, leather upholstery, dual zone climate control, a full touchscreen, and cruise control, just to name a few features.

Once again, Cadillac is bringing luxury value at an affordable price and we here at DeVoe Cadillac are ready to roll!

What to Do if Your Brakes Fail

Modern cars are engineered with some pretty advanced technology so the odds you’ll break down on the side of the road at random are slim. Some things, like routine maintenance, are left to drivers, many of whom forget to check their brakes.

Not being able to stop a two-ton vehicle can be frightening to say the least. Here at DeVoe Cadillac, we know just what to do if your brakes fail.

  • breaksStay Calm. Staying calm will allow you to think clearer which will help you remember these next couple of tips.
  • Try the Brakes Again. Most vehicles today have a dual braking system, meaning the front and rear brakes are independent from each other. As a result, both would have to fail to leave you without any power to slow down. Push hard on the brake with consistent force to slow the car. In the case you have lost both brakes, pull the emergency brake, which is separate from your normal hydraulic braking system.
  • Leave the Ignition On. The number one thing many people want to do when their brakes fail is turn the car off. While it may sound like a good idea, the car losing power will actually hinder you. Turning the ignition off will turn off your power steering as well, meaning you won’t be able to steer easily. Leave it on until you’ve navigated out of traffic and stopped on the side of the road.