2014 ATS Premium Gives Cadillac Edge over Other Luxury Sedan Competitors

2014 ATS

We probably don’t need to say that much about the Cadillac ATS here at DeVoe Cadillac—I mean, the sedan already won the prestigious North American Car of the Year award in 2013. What could we possibly add to that? We could add the word “premium” to it, that’s what. The Cadillac ATS Premium takes the luxury and performance of this already class-leading sedan and pushes it to all-new levels.

With a turbocharged 2.0L engine, the ATS Premium churns out 272 horsepower, paired to a six-speed automatic transmission—which is good for an increase of almost 70 horsepower over the base engine offering. You can actually crank it up even further; a V-6 engine gets 321 horsepower for those performance junkies out there. And here’s the cool thing—the ATS Premium accomplishes all this while still averaging 31 mpg on the highway.

The ATS Premium is the same gorgeous luxury sedan, just an extra espresso shot of power and performance. So, whatever balance of power, luxury, and efficiency is right for you, we have the ATS you need waiting for you here at DeVoe!

Cadillac Offers Special Crimson Sport ATS This Spring Only

Cadillac’s acclaimed 2014 ATS just got a little more special, as if that was even possible. The automaker announced it would offer the redesigned sedan in a Crimson Sport Edition this spring only.

True to its name, the special edition comes dressed in Crimson Red Metallic paint, equipped with a package of sport enhancements.

The performance-primed edition adds a front splitter, rear diffusers, rocker moldings, and an aero decklid spoiler. The Crimson Edition also features exclusive 18-inch wheels, and the Track Package is an option for the 3.6-liter rear-wheel drive model.

The interior receives an upgrade to microfiber suede material for the heated steering wheel and gearshift and heats the driver and front passenger seats.

Other luxurious options are navigation, a sunroof, the Driver Assist Package and an Advanced Security Package.

We at DeVoe Cadillac think the Crimson Sport ATS is a logical progression for the car titled 2013 North American Car of the Year. Will you be snagging a special edition this season?

Crimson ATS

Cadillac Adds 4G LTE and CUE Collection to ATS Coupe Features

The Cadillac logo has always stood for excellence, luxury, and progressive advances in technology. All that remains true today, most recently proven by the technology features added to the 2015 ATS Coupe. The Coupe, when it hits dealerships this summer, will be among the first vehicles to feature 4G LTE capability and the CUE Collection suite of applications in the vehicle.

The CUE Collection goes along with the CUE infotainment system. The application suite includes iHeartRadio, The Weather Channel, NPR, and Slacker Radio, all of which can be accessed via the ATS’s beautiful, LCD touchscreen. Plus, with 4G LTE connectivity, you can now access all those apps even faster.

These new technological features simply make the ATS Coupe an even bigger must-have in the luxury coupe segment than before. As Cadillac pushes its ATS model into the coupe segment, with 2.0L and 3.6L engine options, we’re pushing for you to come visit us at DeVoe Cadillac—because until you see vehicles like the ATS in person, you simply won’t understand just how special they are.

ATS coupe

Cadillac is planning to add 4G LTE and CUE to the ATS Coupe

Cadillac Named to Prestigious List of 2014 Customer Champions

In an assessment of more than 600 brands, Cadillac was chosen as one of J.D. Power’s 2014 Customer Champions. This is the third time the automaker has received the award and we at DeVoe Cadillac are proud of our contributions to the brand’s reputation in customer service.

J.D. Power names the top 50 brands across various industries that have demonstrated their ability to “exceed their customers’ expectations.” The organization customer feedback to evaluate the brands’ performance in five principal areas – people, presentation, price, process, product.

“We believe that every interaction – at our website, in the showroom or on the service lane – represents a defining moment, an opportunity to differentiate ourselves and earn the loyalty of a customer,” said Bill Peffer, Cadillac’s U.S. vice president of Sales and Service. “This philosophy of defining moments is what drives our new products, and we strive to carry that through to our sales and service experiences.”

On a more personal note, let us hear from you. We always want to know how we’re doing and in what ways we can better service you.

Cadillac logo

The brand new Cadillac logo.

Cadillac Named 2014 Customer Champion by J.D. Power

J.D. Power has named Cadillac as a 2014 Customer Champion for the third time, recognizing its excellence not only within the automotive industry but also among eight other industries included in the reputed Customer Champions analysis.

More than 600 brands were evaluated, only 50 of which are ultimately chosen to make the cut as 2014 Champions. The evaluations are based on customer feedback, opinions, and perceptions chiefly gathered from J.D. Power’s syndicated 2013 research. The short story is that this group of fifty winners represents the highest-performing U.S. companies, from which customers can expect consistently excellent service.

With Cadillac, this service is perhaps best exemplified with programs like Cadillac Shield, the luxury brand’s comprehensive suite of owner benefits that includes Remote Vehicle Diagnostics, 24/7 roadside assistance, and Premium Car Maintenance.

“We believe that every interaction – at our website, in the showroom or on the service lane – represents a defining moment, an opportunity to differentiate ourselves and earn the loyalty of a customer,” said U.S. Vice President of Cadillac Sales and Service Bill Peffer.

Join the experience at DeVoe Cadillac.

Cadillac logo

The brand new Cadillac logo.

The Cadillac Spring Event is Going on Now

That’s right everyone! If you didn’t already know, the Cadillac Spring Event is going on now at DeVoe Cadillac. This means that if you’ve been waiting for a good time to make the switch to Cadillac (as so many other people have already done), then now is a great time to do just that.

So whether you’re looking to get into the sleek and sporty ATS, the large and luxurious Escalade, or the perfect road trip vehicle, the Cadillac SRX, we have the car or SUV you’ve been waiting for.

And we have some more exciting news for any non-GM owners that might still be on the fence about switching over to Cadillac. If you just take a new 2014 Cadillac out for a test drive, we’ll give you a $100 Visa prepaid card just for taking a little spin in a nice new car.

Don’t believe us? Come on down and take one for a test drive! We’re not kidding!

It truly is a win-win. Visit the official Cadillac website to see all the offers and to read more about test drive incentive.

Cadillac Spring Event

Construction is Really Coming Along at DeVoe Cadillac! (Part 2)

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a little while since we’ve done a construction update here on the blog, so we thought it might be a good time to do just that. And yes, as the title indicates, construction really is coming along quite well! In fact, just the other day, the cement truck was here doing its thing (see below).

DeVoe ConstructionMore and more progress is made everyday. And even though we are completely open during construction, we are very excited to have a brand new showroom to show off our beautiful Cadillac’s. Stop by anytime to check out the progress for yourself, and of course, be on the lookout for a Grand-reopening in the near future!

DeVoe Cadillac constructionStop by DeVoe Cadillac today!

The First Ever ELR at New York Fashion Week Men’s Day

What Happens When You Mix Clothing Designers and a Cadillac ELR?

You get some pretty awesome looking cars, that’s what happens.

Check out the video below to see how the guys over at Bespoken clothing took a few Cadillac ELR’s to the next level as far as paint jobs go:

Which design was your favorite? Would you ever want your car to look like any of those? Let us know your thought by leaving a comment below. And if you have any questions about the all new Cadillac  ELR, please feel free to stop by DeVoe Cadillac in Naples, Florida to speak to any one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales team members.

We do currently have the ELR in stock. Granted, they do not look like the ones you saw in the video above, but we still think they look pretty awesome. Come see one for yourself today!

Lighting the Next Generation 2015 Cadillac Escalade

Have you seen the new Cadillac Escalade yet? If you had, you’d definitely know it. It’s different from the previous generations in many ways, including exterior design and technology. But what you may not know is just how much thought went into every little detail in the new 2015 Escalade.

Take the headlights for example. Some people might think that headlights are just the, well, lights at the front of your car that light the way ahead of you when you’re driving at night. But Cadillac, on the other hand, saw the opportunity to use the headlights as a signature piece on the front of the Escalade.

Check out the video below to see what we mean:

We love how they use the phrase “engineering meets artistry” to describe the features on the new Escalade. See, every car has headlights, but Cadillac went ahead and made them awesome.

Is there another feature on the new Escalade that sticks out to you? Tell us what you think about this powerful SUV in the comments section below. And remember, if you have any questions about this or any other Cadillac vehicle, don’t hesitate to stop by DeVoe Cadillac to speak with one of our knowledgeable sales team members.

The Cadillac ELR: Something to Work For

Have you seen the latest Cadillac commercial? It’s called “Poolside” and features the all-new Cadillac ELR. Before we go any further, check it out below:

Pretty good commercial, right? All of us here at DeVoe Cadillac really liked it! I mean, hard work is what this country was founded on. We’ve all heard the stories of people coming to America with nothing but the close on their back, and then they retire millionaires thanks to some sweat, tears, and an undying desire to succeed.

But what about the people who have worked hard every day of their adult lives, but don’t have a nice electric car to show for it? Are they not a success? We hope that’s not what people take away from this commercial.

We think the main point is that hard work pays off. And all of these things, like the Cadillac ELR (Which really is quite an amazing car if we can just throw that out there), are something to work for. Sure, not everybody will be able to afford one some day, and that’s fine. But if you’ve worked hard your whole life and are lucky enough to consider buying an ELR, we hope you’ll stop by DeVoe Cadillac.