Cadillac Carpool DeVille to Attempt Land Speed Record

Nothing quite says luxury like a Cadillac and what better way to relax than in a hot tub? Combine the two, and you get the Cadillac Carpool DeVille.

Two ingenious engineers from Los Angeles have worked for years to create their hot tub masterpiece and now will be headed to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah this August to attempt to set a land speed record for the fastest hot tub, with the lofty goal of hitting 100 mph.

To create the hot tub of their dreams, Phil Weicker and Duncan Forster used an old 1969 Cadillac Coupe Deville, which they converted to hold 5,000 pounds of water and be a functioning hot tub, all while maintaining its driving capabilities.

They created a custom-fitted fiberglass lining and converted the gas pedal and shifter to a speed boat throttle to keep everything waterproof and drivable. All of the hot tub components are stored in the truck, including the pump, filter, and overflow tank.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $11, 251, the duo will be headed to Utah for Speed Week August 9 through the 15.

Join with us here at DeVoe Cadillac as we cheer on this imaginative pair as they take on the Bonneville Salt Flats in a few weeks.

Possible Vsport Escalade in the works!

possible Vsport Escalade

Current Cadillac Escalade

Right now, the Escalade comes standard with in one engine type – a 6.2-liter V8. Autoblog reports that may change here in the near future. According to the auto enthusiasts, they are considering making the Escalade with a twin-turbo V6 engine and a V6 turbodiesel. The introduction of these two engines suggests that Cadillac is considering making the Escalade in a Vsport trim, much like the popular CTS sedan already available in Vsport.

The new project is expected to help with emissions and fuel economy. This will not only help with sales here in the U.S., but it will also help Escalade sales abroad. David Schiavone, the Escalade’s brand manager supports the claims by saying that they are considering this sporty derivative, but the current Escalade with the 5.2-liter V8 will remain the backbone of the Escalade line.

What do you think of a possible Vsport Escalade? Would you prefer a V6 over the power of a V8? Let us know what you think in the comment section below. Be sure to stop by DeVoe Cadillac to see the newly redesigned Escalade!

Summer Road Trip Ideas

summer road tripBeing from the great state of Florida, we get to experience the beach, city life, and fun attractions all year long. Have you ever thought of taking a road trip across the country for a fun adventure? While school is out for the summer, consider packing up the family and heading north. Check out the top five road trip states according to WalletHub.

  1. Oregon – This northern state has many scenic attractions, coming in at number 3 for the highest number of scenic byways. Take in the beautiful Pacific ocean as well as some beautiful national forests.
  2. Idaho – Don’t know much about this state? Idaho is known for its adventurous landscape! Explore the state by taking a white water rafting trip or camp in the state with the most square miles of wilderness among all continental states.
  3. Minnesota – Take a trip up north to Minnesota. Visit the mall of America and tour the twin cities atop a bicycle.
  4. Utah – This western state offers beautiful landscape and plenty of adventure. Take in the view from Glen Canyon National Recreation area as well as plenty of other parks and lakes throughout the state.
  5. Washington – When you think of the state of Washington, you’re probably thinking of rain. There is more to do in Washington than you think! Take a break from reality by visiting the beautiful mountain ranges and breathtaking coastline in this north western state.

Have you been to any of the states listed above? Would you add any states to the list? Delete any? Let us know in the comment section below. Safe travels from DeVoe Cadillac!

The Escalade Gets Better Year After Year

Escalade gets better year after year

2015 Cadillac Escalade

Believe it or not, the Escalade has been in production for over 15 years! We have all come to know and love the beautiful bodylines and luxurious interior of Cadillac’s iconic SUV. Since the first generation in 1999, it seems like every year, the Escalade has more to offer and 2015 is no exception. For the 2015 model year, the Escalade has been redesigned and features a blockier stance and eye-catching accents including the use of Galvano chrome.

The exterior of the Escalade isn’t the only thing that has been upgraded. Inside the SUV, you will notice a more modern interior along with Cadillac’s latest version “CUE” infotainment system. Passengers can enjoy power-operated third-row seating, heated seating, cooled seating, a Bose 16-speaker surround sound audio system, available rear seat entertainment system, and a 110-volt power outlet.

You’re sure to love the 2015 Cadillac Escalade inside and out. If you would like to see how the Escalade gets better year after year, stop by our dealership in Naples, Florida! At DeVoe Cadillac, we have plenty of Cadillac’s iconic large-SUVs for you to choose from on our lot. Schedule a test drive with us by calling (888) 484-3984.

The SRX Delivers Satisfaction!

The SRX Delivers Satisfaction

2014 Cadillac SRX

The 2014 Cadillac SRX recently won a 2014 Vehicle Satisfaction Award from AutoPacific. The AutoPacific’s 2014 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards are based on the opinions of over 90,000 new vehicle owners across the U.S. so this is a huge win for Cadillac. The study measures consumer opinion on the vehicles comfort, operation, the purchase experience, and safety.

Along with winning an award for satisfaction, the SRX has also been a sales leader for the Cadillac brand. Bill Peffer, U.S. vice president of Cadillac sales and service said, “The SRX crossover continues to be Cadillac’s sales leader, and is again on a record pace so far this year. In a market segment featuring the world’s top brands, the SRX stands out by delivering more distinctive design, along with the luxury and utility that crossover buyers’ demand.”

If you would like to learn more about the 2014 Cadillac SRX crossover, be sure to stop by DeVoe Cadillac in Naples! Once you take a test drive you will see why the SRX is a segment leader in customer satisfaction.

Cadillac Reports Best May Sales Since 2007!

Next time you’re out and about driving around town, take a look around you. Not at all the other people on the road, but all the different makes and models. What are people driving these days?

See any Cadillac’s? We wouldn’t be surprised if you did! Ever since Cadillac started to revamp its lineup and introduce new cars, Cadillac sales have been through the roof. In act, as the title of this blog says, Cadillac just reported its best month of May in 7 years.

No doubt people are noticing that Cadillac has stepped up its game in a big way and everyone wants to be a part of the Cadillac family.

Whether you’re just starting out your professional career, or you’re just getting settled into retirement, we have the right car for you here at DeVoe Cadillac in Naples, Florida. Stop by today to check out our vast selection!

DeVoe Cadillac

DeVoe Automotive Proud to Provide Scholarships for Local Students

All of us here at DeVoe Cadillac are proud to announce the 2014 DeVoe scholarship winners have been picked! It’s been our pleasure to provide local students with financial assistance through the years. College is expensive, but our hope is that with these scholarships, more local students will be able to go on and pursue their dreams.

The DeVoe family’s goal is to reward young students who have developed a strong work ethic and a desire to further their education. Scholarship recipients may major in any field of study, but must be able and willing to show financial need. In addition, they must be upstanding young citizens within the community with solid academic records.

See below for the list of this years DeVoe scholarship recipients:

  • Alexa Boyd – Barron Collier
  • Elizabeth Hernandez – Lorenzo Walker
  • Anita Munoz Trejo – Immokalee
  • Chandler Whitehead – Gulf Coast
  • Kaitlyn Huaroto – Gulf Coast
  • Jeffrey Flores – Immokalee
  • Caitlin Early – Golden Gate
  • Kara Dudley – Naples
  • Santiago Ospina – Lely
  • Shelby Sorrell – Palmetto Ridge

Congratulations and best of luck to all of you!

DeVoe Scholarship


Cadillac CUE Navigation Overview

Technology in cars these days is just unreal. Did you ever think you would see a day when you could get behind the wheel of a car that could verbally tell you how to get from one place to another? It’s really pretty awesome when you think about it.

In this blog, we want to just take a second and go over one of the coolest in car features we have in our new Cadillac’s: CUE. CUE, or the Cadillac User Experience, is basically the infotainment system in new Cadillac’s that controls everything from temperature, to music, and yes, navigation.

But instead of us just blabbering about everything CUE can do, we thought it would be better to just share this informative video with you. Check out the video below:

CUE is pretty great, isn’t it? And the best part is, it’s very easy to learn. Come see just how simple it is to get the hang of CUE at DeVoe Cadillac in Naples, Florida today.

First Cadillac Event in the “New” Showroom!

As most of you know, DeVoe Cadillac is undergoing a facelift and has been for a few months now. To all of you who have stopped by our dealership during construction, thank you so much for your patience! We’re building a better showroom and service center so we can serve you, our loyal customers, even better. To anyone who’s wondering – construction has been going very well and we’re now actually able to see a light at the end of the tunnel!

In fact, we’re so close to wrapping up, we were able to have our first event in the new Cadillac showroom the other day! It was a great time for all the employees. Lots of delicious food was eaten and many good laughs were had. Check out the pictures from the event below:

DeVoe Cadillac Construction Party DeVoe Cadillac Construction Party


See what we mean? We’re just about done over here! Keep checking our blog and Facebook page to see when the new showroom is officially done. We can’t wait to show it off to you!

Cadillac CTS: You Get What You Pay For

Cadillac has faced an uphill battle in the European luxury auto market, struggling to gain foothold in a saturated market. BMW, Audi, and other European brands have had a stronghold in our luxury car market for decades. In recent years, Cadillac has stepped up their game, slowly and methodically introducing their high-end vehicles to a market that demands the best of the best in quality and engineering.

It might now be safe to say that Cadillac has arrived. After a decade of struggling to match the sales and prices of Europe’s luxury cars, the Cadillac CTS is matching the prices of its rival Mercedes and BMW – and consumers are willing to pay it. According to, the Cadillac CTS averaged a sale price of $54,571 in the U.S. last month. That price is right up there with the Mercedes-Benz E-Class ($55,788) and the BMW 5 Series ($56,284).

Cadillac boosted prices the old fashioned way: they built a much better car. There are no tricks or gimmicks here, just a car that’s worth the little extra, and sales are proving it. The 2014 CTS is longer and lighter than its predecessor and packed with an array of standard features, not expensive add-ons. A wide variety of engines, meaning you can have your CTS your way, running all the way up to $73,000 for an incredibly powerful, luxurious car that keeps up with the big boys.

Stop by DeVoe Cadillac to see just how affordable real luxury can be. With our wide selection of vehicles and options, you’ll have no trouble finding the right vehicle for your lifestyle.