New Cadillac Models Coming Over Next Few Years

The Cadillac brand is instigating a plan to launch many new Cadillac models over the next few years, especially in the Chinese market. It’s a huge effort to improve the brand’s global standing, focusing in on the world’s largest new car market. Over the next five years, Cadillac will release nine new models in China alone.

Those models will be a diverse range, with two all-new crossovers and an entry-level sedan on their way. The new models will likely also include a CT6 model, a follow-up model to the SRX, and perhaps even a CT8 or CT9 as the cherry on top of the lineup. “Cadillac is in a strong position to address the rapidly rising demand for luxury vehicles in China, a country in which we have a strong foundation given GM’s long-standing strength here,” said president Johan de Nysschen. “By offering a broad lineup of products built in China for local consumers, we are intent on being at the forefront of the next stage of the luxury segment’s development.”

new Cadillac models

Current Cadillac SRX

Of course, the brand is already on the forefront of the luxury segment here in the United States, so make sure to come see us at DeVoe Cadillac to learn more about our current lineup. We’re sure that over the next five years, we’ll see plenty of new models here too, perhaps some of the same ones heading for the Chinese market.

Cadillac CEO Predicts Future $250,000 Cadillac Vehicle

future $250,000 Cadillac vehicleCadillac president Johan de Nysschen is looking to the future, and his expectations are high. The new head of Cadillac is predicting a new level of luxury for the American carmaker in the form of a future $250,000 Cadillac vehicle—but not just yet.

“It is too early today for a $250,000 Cadillac,” said de Nysschen to Reuters at the LA Auto Show. “Fifteen years from now, it won’t be.”

This goal is definitely ambitious for the American carmaker, especially since Cadillac’s most expensive car is currently the Escalade ESV Platinum, which doesn’t even break $100,000 with its $97,940 price tag. Even Cadillac’s newest addition to its lineup, the CT6 sedan, which is set to debut at the New York Auto Show later this year, doesn’t come close to topping the Escalade’s price with a predicted price in the $70,000s.

Cadillac’s new brand of luxury would be interesting to see, though. Do you think Cadillac’s new president has goals that are too high for the company? Share your thoughts with DeVoe Cadillac below!

Cadillac High-Performance Vehicle Lineup Kicks Off with ATS-V Debut

Cadillac recently debuted the 2016 ATS-V, a stunning luxury sedan in its own right, at the Los Angeles Auto Show. However, the ATS-V is representative of something even bigger and more exciting than itself—it kicks off a new Cadillac high-performance vehicle lineup from the luxury automaker. The 2016 ATS-V, as awesome as it is, is just the tip of the luxury car iceberg.

Cadillac high-performance vehicle lineup

“You are participating in the shaping of history,” Johan de Nysschen, Cadillac president, said at the car’s debut. “You are witnessing the next chapter in the long history of this storied brand, and you’re witnessing a 112-year-old carmaker taking the bold step of reinventing itself.”

In fact, the V-Series is on its way to becoming its very own sub-brand inside the Cadillac stable. We’re excited to see all the cars that follow, especially if this new ATS-V is the standard. It’s got a 3.6-liter V6 twin-turbocharged engine and a whole lot of attitude, so come see us today at DeVoe Cadillac to learn more about it and the rest of our lineup yourself!

Cadillac Reveals High-Performance ATS-V at LA Auto Show

high-performance ATS-V

Current Cadillac ATS Available at DeVoe Cadillac

Nothing can beat the caliber of Cadillac’s V-Series lineup and now it has a new addition, the high-performance ATS-V. Cadillac unveiled this brand new V-Series model at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

This is the first of five new V-Series models that Cadillac plans to introduce by 2020.

At the unveiling, Cadillac president, Johan de Nysschen, said, “You are participating in the shaping of history. You are witnessing the next chapter in the long history of this storied brand, and you’re witnessing a 112-year-old carmaker taking the bold step of reinventing itself.”

The ATS-V will be powered by a 3.6-liter twin-turbocharged V-6—a first for the V-Series lineup. It will also feature other performance and design enhancements to make it a true track-worthy car. It will have a top speed of 189 mph and will reach 60 mph in a mere 3.9 seconds.

While the ATS-V shares part of its name with the standard ATS, there aren’t many aspects that are the same. To make the ATS-V more aerodynamic and capable, engineers altered nearly every exterior panel, including the carbon fiber hood, rear spoiler, and fenders.

Production for the 2016 Cadillac ATS-V will begin in the spring of 2015 and we expect it to arrive at DeVoe Cadillac shortly after that. We can’t wait to see this high-performance car in action.

GM Heritage Center Houses Beautiful Piece of Cadillac History

GM Heritage CenterPeek under the hood of any car and you might count four, six, or maybe even eight. That is the number of cylinders making up most modern car engines.

That’s now.

In the days of yore, when the chrome was thick, the interstates non-existent, and fuel efficiency was no one’s concern, it was a very different story.

During that time, the 1920s, the two leaders in luxury automobiles were Packard and Cadillac. In order to get a leg up on Packard, Cadillac manufactured a sixteen-cylinder car. Oddly, it didn’t pack a lot of power. The V16 only produced 165 horsepower.

Yet it was highly customizable. You could pick it up in one of ten different body styles. GM Authority reports that it was “available in just about any color and any manner of personalization.”

Great car, bad timing. The V16 Cadillac sold really well out of the gates. Then, the stock market crashed, and sales quickly petered out. Luckily, there is a beautiful restored unit that sits in the GM Heritage Center.

Visit Devoe Cadillac today to see the current Cadillac models that will someday be housed in the GM Heritage Center as an important part of automotive history!

Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter

preparing your vehicle for winterWhile the Polar Vortex struck much of the country last year, life, for the most part, continued as usual here in Naples, Florida. As the weather continues to spring surprises, a report by Naples News suggests that colder than normal temperatures could even reach us this year. Now, we at DeVoe Cadillac are obviously not meteorologists, so we’ll leave the weather predicting to them. However, in preparation for a potentially colder-than-normal season, we do have some tips on preparing your vehicle for winter.

  1. Check your tires. As the temperature drops, so will the pressure in your tires. Regularly check that they are filled to the manufacturer’s recommended level (which you’ll find in your owner’s manual or on the side interior panel of the driver’s door) as it will increase their performance and your vehicle’s efficiency.
  2. Top off your fluids. Windshield washer fluid and antifreeze will be necessary in the winter, especially if the temperature drops below normal. Be sure to consult your owner’s manual to determine the proper solution for your vehicle.
  3. Keep up with routine maintenance. No matter how cold the weather may or may not get, it’s important to stay on track with your routine vehicle maintenance. This includes scheduling oil changes, replacing windshield wiper blades (it should be done once a year), and washing your car.

We’ll have to wait and see if this winter will bring a Polar Vortex that actually touches us here in Naples. If it does, at least you know your vehicle will be ready.

2015 ATS Coupe Premium with V6 Engine Is the Cadillac We’ve Been Waiting for

ATS Coupe Premium with V6

2015 Cadillac ATS

Cadillac’s luxury car line has been working hard to try to compete against its foreign rivals with models like the new 2015 ATS Coupe Premium. This fresh Cadillac Coupe gives us a glimpse of what will join the Cadillac line in the future. The model, based on the compact ATS sedan, has a streamlined body, clean lines, and a front end that looks like a signature Cadillac.

The car’s performance is even better you’d expect, earning 18 mpg city and 28 mpg highway with the help of a twin six-speed automatic V6 engine. The ATS is powerful and has responsive handling, along with rear-wheel drive that makes sharp turns a breeze. The performance Brembo brakes make stopping the vehicle super smooth.

The Albuquerque Journal says the interior of the ALS showcases “loads of leather and gorgeous open-grain wood trim plus all the luxury and convenience attributes this price point requires.” The bucket seating is exceptionally comfortable and four passengers can ride happily with the plentiful amount of leg room that is provided.

You can get your hands on this stylish ATS Coupe Premium with V6 engineat DeVoe Cadillac for a price tag of only $50,325.

Cadillac CT6 Will Join an Elite Group of Luxury Cars

Cadillac has announced that 2015 will see the launch of a new, high-technology car called the Cadillac CT6, which will be positioned at the very top of the automaker’s luxury range.

When it arrives here at DeVoe Cadillac, the CT6 will not replace the CTS, XTS, or any other product lines. Instead, it will expand the brand upward and aim to join the most elite group of top-class large luxury cars in the world.

Cadillac CT6

The CT6 is currently in development, and will utilize advanced lightweight materials as well new body construction techniques which will help reduce fuel consumption while enhancing driving dynamics and even safety.

The car will be built at the Detroit-Hamtramck plant, where GM has recently invested $384 million dollars, including unique tools and equipment to build the CT6.

“The Cadillac CT6 continues our brand’s elevation and global growth,” said Uwe Ellinghaus, Cadillac chief marketing officer. “CT6 will constitute an entirely new approach to the prestige sedan, emphasizing a dynamic driving experience and advanced technology.”

The Upcoming Cadillac Lineup Promises to Turn Heads

Here at DeVoe Cadillac, we couldn’t be more excited about the new lineup Cadillac plans to announce. The automaker recently revealed that it will be releasing five to ten more models before 2020, making drastic changes for its future.

upcoming Cadillac lineup

CEO Johan de Nysschen made several remarks about what the upcoming Cadillac lineup has in store for drivers. The long-awaited flagship will most likely come toward the end of the decade and be called the CT8 or CT9.

According to Jalopnik, de Nysschen said, “Cadillac has ‘just signed off on’ a range-topping luxury sedan that will come to the market at the end of the decade and likely will be called CT8 or CT9.” This new flagship would be made to leave German luxury-sports cars in the dust.

The upcoming Cadillac lineup will also feature a plug-in hybrid version of the CT6, as well as two new crossover models and a luxury sedan. The recent release of the new CT6 has already generated buzz as a new approach to luxury. With this many innovative new designs in mind, 90% of Cadillac’s lineup be all-new, promising to revolutionize the auto industry.

American Airlines and Cadillac Team Up on Airport Transport System

There’s a reason that complaining about air travel has become cliché, why it’s the go-to subject for hack comedy. The reason is simple: air travel, despite its conveniences, is often extremely stressful and frustrating. American Airlines and Cadillac are teaming up to change that. The two companies are partnering on the Luxury Airport Transfer Program, which will start in Los Angeles this month.

Airport Transport System

Travel from Terminal to Terminal in an Escalade

The new airport transport system allows ConciergeKey members to hitch a ride in Cadillac vehicles to their specific departure gate, bypassing all the stress of the airport. “American and Cadillac are two iconic American brands, both in the process of redefining the contemporary American luxury experience,” said Suzanne Rubin, president, AAdvantage Loyalty Program. “This is just the beginning of the opportunities we see with our partnership with Cadillac, and we are thrilled to be able to offer these benefits to our customers.”

Imagine air travel this stress-free! Now, what would you say if we told you all your traveling, even just your routine trips to the grocery store, could be this relaxing? That’s the Cadillac driving experience; so, come see us at DeVoe Cadillac today to begin your journey to luxury today.