2013 Cadillac ATS Named Esquire Car of the Year

Every year Esquire magazine takes a good, hard look at all the cars released in the last year and evaluates them. They look at the numbers—things like acceleration times, fuel mileage, and sales potential. But even more important than the numbers, according to this article by Sam Smith, is just the way the car makes you feel.

The car of the year shouldn’t be solely based on the numbers (and the ATS has very good numbers we might add). You could have a lightning fast car that just isn’t functional, or maybe the price is just outrageous. That’s why were so thrilled to see that people are realizing that the ATS truly is one of the best overall cars ever built.

It’s a fine piece of American craftsmanship that will make you want to wake up early on a Saturday morning before the kids get up just so that you can drive your favorite road. It’s the kind of car that makes you want to leave early so you can take the long way. It’s the Cadillac ATS, and it’s going to be at our dealership soon.