Month: November 2014

Cadillac Reveals High-Performance ATS-V at LA Auto Show

Nothing can beat the caliber of Cadillac’s V-Series lineup and now it has a new addition, the high-performance ATS-V. Cadillac unveiled this brand new V-Series model at the Los Angeles Auto Show. This is the first of five new V-Series models that Cadillac plans to introduce by 2020. At the unveiling, Cadillac president, Johan de […]

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GM Heritage Center Houses Beautiful Piece of Cadillac History

Peek under the hood of any car and you might count four, six, or maybe even eight. That is the number of cylinders making up most modern car engines. That’s now. In the days of yore, when the chrome was thick, the interstates non-existent, and fuel efficiency was no one’s concern, it was a very […]

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2015 ATS Coupe Premium with V6 Engine Is the Cadillac We’ve Been Waiting for

Cadillac’s luxury car line has been working hard to try to compete against its foreign rivals with models like the new 2015 ATS Coupe Premium. This fresh Cadillac Coupe gives us a glimpse of what will join the Cadillac line in the future. The model, based on the compact ATS sedan, has a streamlined body, […]

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