A New Cadillac ATS-V Version Might be on the Way

2016 Cadillac ATS-VAfter reviewing a recent report from Car and Driver, it looks like a new Cadillac ATS-V version has some potential! The latest launch of the ATS-V and CTS-V models has been highly anticipated and adding to that lineup would be huge for the future of the powerful Cadillac lineup.

Dave Leone, chief engineer for Cadillac, stated, “We might have something down the road that is a little bit more aggressive.” And that’s all we needed to hear!

Another source reported that the new ATS-V version wouldn’t be officially released until 2017; however, the full details of the potential model have not yet been revealed by Cadillac. Although, if the new model gets the green light, it is suspected to take on a more European design.

In any case, we’re extremely excited for the current round of powerhouse ATS-Vs and CTS-Vs to arrive here at DeVoe Cadillac and about the potential of an even more extreme ATS-V version making its way into the lineup.