Best Dash Cam Apps

Cadillac DashIf you’re in search of a dash cam for your car, you might want to consider a dash cam app. These apps turn your smartphone into a dash cam while you’re on-the-go, and will save you the big price tag associated with true dash cams. Here is a rundown of the three best dash cam apps so you can find the right fit for your car.

AutoGuard. Offered in both a free version and a paid version ($2.99), this camera app provides all the same basic functionality of a dash cam. The premium version allows you to sync videos to YouTube and can run at the same time as other apps – otherwise the two versions are about the same. The app runs in the background, so you can use navigation or other apps while the dash cam continues to record.

CamOnRoad. This dash cam is only offered in one (free) version, and offers 2GB of cloud storage space for its users to store videos. CamOnRoad uses your phone’s built-in GPS functionality to record where you are in the even an incident happens.

CaroO. This app has both a free and premium version ($4.99), both of which offer a ton of functionality. The free version only allows 100 uses before you need to upgrade, but that allows users to decide if it’s a good fit before paying. This dash cam app features the ability to connect to an OBD2 Bluetooth scanner to pull information straight from your car’s computer–a feature most other dash cams don’t have.

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