Cadillac ATS-VR Performance Dominates the Competition at Grand Prix Event

Checkered FlagDuring the recent Grand Prix race in St. Petersburg, Florida, the Cadillac Racing team dominated the competition. The new Cadillac ATS-VR is the culmination of Cadillac performance technology, combining lightweight design with high-octane power to ensure the brand always beats the competition.

According to a statement, the Cadillac ATS-VR performance is so impressive thanks to its 600-hp turbo-charged V6 engine. On top of that, a sports suspension, sports exhaust, and lightweight materials improve driving dynamics exponentially. The best part is that the racecar is derived from a stock car, proving what you can do with an ordinary Cadillac.

“Even if I got paid by the lap I earned every dollar today,” said driver Johnny O’Connell. “The Cadillac Racing guys have done a great job tweaking and tuning on the ATS-V.R. It was a hard race. You have every guy pushing each other so hard. Some have a pretty high level of aggression and we used that to our advantage. We are working hard on this new car.”

So far, the team has 26 wins, 91 podium finishes, and 22 pole positions. The Cadillac brand has won the World Manufacturer Championship five different times, proving that the automaker is more than just a high-end luxury brand. We at DeVoe Cadillac can’t wait to see what happens next.