Cadillac CT6 Rearview Mirror Offers Hi-Res Video

Cadillac is changing the way with think about rearview mirrors, unveiling its hi-res video rearview mirror which promises to offer an unprecedented view of the world outside the car. Available in the 2016 Cadillac CT6, the new rearview mirror will feature high-res video streaming from the outside of the car, and displayed for the driver to see.

Cadillac says the new Cadillac CT6 rearview mirror will improve rearward visibility by more than four times that of a standard rearview mirror. And, in the event the rear-mounted camera is blocked by rain, snow, or mud, the mirror can function as a conventional mirror using the switch on the underside of the mirror.

β€œThe closest comparison to this kind of rear vision would be driving a convertible with the top down,” Travis Hester, executive chief engineer for the CT6, said in a statement.

Because the mirror streams video from outside, there are no obstructions – like headrests or A-pillars – eliminating blind spots and making it easier for drivers to see everything that is happening behind the car.

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