Cadillac ELR Lighting

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about the new Cadillac ELR, Cadillac’s first electric vehicle.  And why wouldn’t there be? This is one of the most important cars, if not the most important car, Cadillac has put into production. And obviously most of this buzz has been about the cars electric drive propulsion system; however, we want to take a second and talk about another awesome feature of the ELR: the lights!

Cadillac says it best:

“Captivating design and cutting-edge technology come together to create the exquisite jeweled lighting on the ELR. From full LED headlamps to twin light-blade taillamps, the effect is positively brilliant. Open the door, and you’ll discover ambient lighting stretching across the elegant lines of the dash and even into the footwells, radiating an aura of sophistication.”

But we know the lights on the ELR are something you need to see to really appreciate, so check out the video below and let us know what you think!

We can’t wait until the ELR makes its first appearance at DeVoe Cadillac sometime early next year! Stop by DeVoe Automotive today if you have any questions about this impressive new vehicle.