Cadillac Marketing Officer Says Brand’s Strength Is Individuality

The publication Automobile recently had the chance to sit down with Cadillac Marketing Officer Uwe Ellinghaus and discuss the brand’s future. With plans to spread the company’s influence abroad and revive the brand’s popularity, Cadillac is focusing on a younger age demographic in order to build a lasting consumer base and boost sales.

Now, with the brand’s first-ever international debut in the form of the Cadillac XT5 crossover, Cadillac is putting that plan into action.

During the interview, Ellinghaus touched on many subjects, such as the ongoing passion and loyalty of Cadillac’s returning customers and progressive leaps in the brand’s quality of engineering. He mentioned that many more popular luxury brands all have similar appearances and follow the beat of the same drum, whereas new Cadillacs, while improved upon, have a more distinctive design that allows the brand’s lineup to stand apart.

With the release of the ATS, Cadillac doubled its amount of customers under the age of 35, proving that Cadillac’s plan in working. The Cadillac Marketing Officer touched on this subject as well, mentioning the reveal of the XT5 at the fashion house Public School in Dubai, which drew throngs of younger crowds to the event. Cadillac is strategically reinventing its brand on step at a time, and we like where it’s headed.


2015 Cadillac ATS