Cadillac Named to Prestigious List of 2014 Customer Champions

In an assessment of more than 600 brands, Cadillac was chosen as one of J.D. Power’s 2014 Customer Champions. This is the third time the automaker has received the award and we at DeVoe Cadillac are proud of our contributions to the brand’s reputation in customer service.

J.D. Power names the top 50 brands across various industries that have demonstrated their ability to “exceed their customers’ expectations.” The organization customer feedback to evaluate the brands’ performance in five principal areas – people, presentation, price, process, product.

“We believe that every interaction – at our website, in the showroom or on the service lane – represents a defining moment, an opportunity to differentiate ourselves and earn the loyalty of a customer,” said Bill Peffer, Cadillac’s U.S. vice president of Sales and Service. “This philosophy of defining moments is what drives our new products, and we strive to carry that through to our sales and service experiences.”

On a more personal note, let us hear from you. We always want to know how we’re doing and in what ways we can better service you.

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