Cadillac Plug-In Hybrids to Precede Electric Vehicles

Cadillac LogoCadillac has been unraveling a slow, gradual strategy for reasserting itself in an increasingly competitive automobile market, and the company’s foray into the realm of alternative-fuel vehicles is just one more step in the process. The brand recently confirmed that before venturing into the growing potential of the EV segment, it plans to offer Cadillac plug-in hybrids as variations of existing models in the lineup.

Over the course of 2015, Cadillac tested the waters by bringing the new CT6 sedan to several automobile shows, building anticipation for the release of the luxurious plug-in hybrid model. The CT6 already has a traditional gas option, but Cadillac’s plan in showing off the hybrid version was to show potential consumers that hybrids can be just as stylish and elegant as traditional vehicles. The CT6 will also implement the same battery pack as the new Chevrolet Volt, a powertrain that has a proven success rate among buyers.

As Cadillac plug-in hybrids become more commonplace, hybrids will no longer be an unusual gimmick, but another option for car buyers—the same way many vehicles allow customers the choice between different engines, features, and trim levels. With plug-in hybrids becoming so commonplace, Cadillac’s focus on implementing more models of this variety is a clever business move.