Cadillac Super Cruise™ Expands to Even More Highways

Cadillac Super Cruise™ makes autonomous driving that much closer to a full-blown reality, and now it will be even more widely available to drivers. Cadillac Super Cruise™ expands to an additional 70,000 miles of highway in the United States and Canada in Q4, bringing the total coverage of the system to 200,000 miles.

“We are constantly working to make Super Cruise the most beneficial system for our customers,” said Mario Maiorana, Super Cruise chief engineer. “Expanding our offering of compatible highways will allow people the ease and convenience of traveling hands-free more often.”

Currently, Super Cruise™ is available for the 2018-19 Cadillac CT6. If you drive a CT6 equipped with Super Cruise™ technology, you can access the update through a free enhancement at DeVoe Cadillac. This will also net you some subtle performance improvements and improvements to the Driver Attention System.

Cadillac Super Cruise™ uses LiDAR map data, GPS, a Driver Attention System that monitors your focus, and cameras and radar to deliver a truly hands-free driving experience. It’s important to note that Super Cruise™ requires that you keep your eyes up and on the road ahead even when it is active, and that it only works on the 200,000 miles of available highway.

If you’re eager to try out Super Cruise™ on I-75, you can get it on the 2018, 2019, and new 2020 Cadillac CT6 — all available at DeVoe Cadillac. It will also be offered on the all-new Cadillac CT5, which you’ll find in our showroom next year.