Cadillac Super Cruise™

Cadillac has been lacking in the technology sector for quite a while, but now the premier luxury brand is catching up, and even surpassing, its closest competitors. The latest addition to the brand’s technology features is Cadillac Super Cruise™—this new technology makes use of two different systems in order to make long road trips must more relaxing.

Cadillac Super Cruise™

In short, the Cadillac Super Cruise™ system makes highway driving a simple, hands-free activity. The advanced system focuses primarily on driver convenience and safety. Cadillac Super Cruise™ is the industry’s first hands-free driving technology designed for the highway.

The hands-free capability and driver attention system work together to encourage the driver to pay attention despite the autonomous feature. The new system adds automatic lane-centering to the long list of available active safety technologies, and also enables automatic speed control and steering when activated on the highway.

The driver attention system makes use of a camera and infrared lights located at the top of the steering column. Together, they help determine where the driver is looking when the system is activated. By monitoring driver attention and control, Cadillac essentially ensures optimal safety for drivers and their vehicles.

Cadillac Super Cruise™ will officially debut later this fall in the 2018 Cadillac CT6.

We here at DeVoe Cadillac are pumped for the latest addition to the luxury brand’s available technologies!