Six Types of Car Fluids You Should Change Regularly

fluidsHaving a car is a lot like having a kid. Okay, maybe they’re not a lot alike, but there are some similarities. On the one hand, they can bring smiles to your face—a joyride through the country is almost as good as hearing your baby’s first words, right? But they also require a lot of responsibility. With kids, there are plenty of dirty diapers to change. Luckily, with your car, it’s only some oil.

But some people think motor oil is the only thing that has to be changed (You know, that stuff you come into DeVoe Cadillac for every six months?). However, your car actually has six car fluids you should change regularly—and sometimes a seventh, if you’re really lucky.

  • Motor Oil: This is probably the oil with which you are most familiar. It is responsible for lubricating all the complicated parts in your engine to keep it from overheating, among other things.
  • Transmission Fluid: A good way to recognize transmission fluid under the hood is by looking for the dipstick. No, the other dipstick. Yes, the dipstick you recognize is for the motor oil, but the transmission fluid (which is responsible for lubricating the transmission) also features a dipstick to help you out.
  • Brake Fluid: If you want to stay safe behind the wheel, you’ll want to replace brake fluid as necessary (You do want to stop at intersections, don’t you?).
  • Windshield Wiper Fluid: Also known as the stuff you spray on your car for ten minutes while trying to get rid of ice in the winter, when it randomly gets cold here in Florida. Keep this liquid full so that you can clear your windshield as necessary.
  • Coolant (also known as antifreeze): Coolant/antifreeze keeps your engine from overheating or getting too cold. Pretty nifty, eh?
  • Power Steering Fluid: Much like motor oil and transmission fluid, power steering fluid is there for lubrication—to make steering your car much easier.
  • BONUS (Battery Fluid): If you are fortunate enough to have a maintenance-free battery, this does not apply to you. Those of you who do not have that luxury, however, will need to have the battery’s cells refilled from time to time.

Need help replenishing any of your essential car fluids? We at DeVoe Cadillac are happy to help! Make an appointment today.