Essential Auto Maintenance: Car Noises and What They Mean

serviceCars make strange noises all the time, some of which can be serious warning signs that your vehicle might fail. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to important car noises and what they mean, ensuring you know as much as possible about your car.

One of the most common noises to hear are squeaking brakes, according to Bankrate. This can be caused by water or dirt that might be trapped on the rotors; however, it could also mean you are in serious need of a brake change. Many brake pads are built with warning strips to squeak and squeal whenever your pads are getting dangerously low.

Another common noise to hear is rattling or knocking. Sometimes referred to as “pinging,” this often occurs due to an engine misfire. Although not necessarily a serious problem, misfires can reduce efficiency and performance drastically. It can be caused by bad spark plugs, low-octane fuel, bad fuel-air mixture, or a serious of other problems.

Hearing sizzling or hissing noises under the hood? This is likely caused by a leak hitting a hot part of the engine. Depending on how much fluid you are losing, this can lead to serious problems. When the car is cool, check your fluid levels. It could also be caused by overheating.

Finally, flapping noises often occur when something is hitting the fan or when a belt is falling apart. This can be especially dangerous if any belts hit other moving parts.

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