Check Out the All-New Cadillac ELR

Just last week at the Detroit Auto Show, Cadillac finally unveiled the highly anticipated ELR. We had been looking forward to this reveal for quite some time now considering the ELR is Cadillac’s first electric vehicle, and we are excited to be able to share some specifications and pictures with you today. For starters, the ELR is very similar to the Chevy Volt in that both of these vehicles have gas and electric capabilities. When fully charged, the ELR can go up to 35 miles using nothing more than electric energy, and then another 260 with a full tank of gas. However, even though the engine in the Volt and the ELR may be similar, the ELR is far more luxurious than the Volt, or any other electric car for that matter.

According to Cadillac, “The ELR’s provocative shape and luxurious interior make an immediate impact. With an electric propulsion system and on-board range-extending, gas powered generator, it’s safe to say that art and science have never coexisted so effortlessly.”

The Cadillac ELR will be available at DeVoe Cadillac next winter.