Cadillac CT6 Surround-View Camera Operates Like a Dashcam

Plenty of cars on the market have already employed technology like rear back-up cameras, blind spot monitors, and similar technology to make the experience of driving even safer. However, 360-view cameras present an even newer advancement in the realm of vehicles security. Cadillac takes advantage of this with the CT6 surround-view camera, which employs four exterior cameras and a recording feature that allows the Cadillac CT6 to capture its surroundings on video.

2016 Cadillac CT6

The surround-view camera and the recording system can be easily accessed through the CT6’s infotainment system touchscreen as long as the vehicle has been fitted with the proper equipment options. Drivers can select from two modes; the first mode uses the front and rear cameras to record while you’re driving, while the second activates the surround-view cameras automatically when your parked vehicle has been “disturbed” in order to catch any break-ins on film.

The Cadillac CT6 surround-view camera feature comes standard with a 32-gigabyte SD card, which allows for up to 32 hours of filming. Even better, you don’t have to go through and manually delete what you don’t want; when the card is full, it will just record over previous data. The surround-view camera can be used both for performance purposes or to keep your vehicle safe and secure.