What is a CTS-V Wagon Worth?

Who says you can’t have a performance-based station wagon? The Cadillac CTS-V Wagon proved otherwise and was quite the hit when it left the market in 2014. Just how much is the CTS-V Wagon worth now?

While the “Vagon” was popular in its own way, there wasn’t a large amount of them sold. The power and complexity of this car prepared with its novelty means that pre-owned wagons are worth quite a lot. One 2012 CTS-V Wagon with low mileage, a rare six-speed manual transmission, and no modifications recently sold for an impressive $53,000.

The manual-transmission is most desired, but that doesn’t mean that other pre-owned CTS-V Wagons don’t boast their own popularity! The second-generation CTS-V wagon was even more impressive, gaining different engine options and giving it more power than ever (while still boasting that smooth Magnetic Ride Control suspension).

What is a CTS-V Wagon Worth

The resale value of the CTS-V Wagon is around the same price as brand-new luxury cars on the market – that’s how desirable this unique wagon is.

All of this means that many wagons could earn quite the pretty penny at resale. But it also means that if you love the idea of being behind the wheel of the unforgettable CTS-V Wagon, you might be able to find one in great condition.