Differences Between Naples and Bonita Springs, Florida

Naples and Bonita Springs may be just 15 miles from one another, but they’re far from the same place. Both cities feature great scenery and wonderful attractions that take full advantage of the beautiful Southwestern Florida weather. If you’re debating which city to visit, or simply want to learn a bit about what goes on in both, these comparison points between Naples and Bonita Springs are worth considering.

Bonita Springs


Bonita Springs may have the larger population, but Naples is home to more tourist attractions. Access to beaches and piers tends to attract visitors from around the country, making Naples a beloved destination. Naples is also home to five museums; the Naples Zoo; and 5th Avenue, a world-class shopping district. Thanks to its popular landmarks and warm weather, Naples is a great place to visit all year round.

Water Access

Surfing, swimming, and snorkeling are popular activities in Naples. Thanks to its prime location, visitors would be hard pressed to venture throughout Naples without seeing water. In fact, one could even argue that the culture itself is based around the water. Canals cross within the city and there are plenty of docks and marinas that are easily accessible for boating, fishing, and just enjoying the view.

Cost of Living

Some people who visit Naples find they love the weather, community, and lifestyle so much that they want to stay a while longer. To accommodate, Naples is home to numerous condos which are less expensive than family homes. This makes Naples the perfect place for people of all ages who are looking to experience everything Florida has to offer for the rest of their lives.

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