Before You Leave, Read These Family Roadtrip Tips

travelHave a family roadtrip coming up? Whether you’re on a holiday trek to grandma’s, taking the long route to the beach, or perhaps even re-locating – we recommend you check out these family roadtrip tips:

  • Plan your breaks, meals, and gas station stops ahead of time, based on locations that will hold the family’s interest.
  • Consider your kids’ personal attention spans and preferences, and choose a few car games for families to play ahead of time.
  • Consider printing out some maps or directions–just in case your GPS falls through–or so you can pass them back when your kids want to know “how much longer.”
  • Pack plenty of snacks, and not the sugary kind that would make the whole family more jittery than they already were.
  • Lastly, be sure to have a fully stocked first aid kit and plenty of fresh water available in case of an emergency.

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