Fun Beach Activities That Don’t Involve Playing in the Water

Spring is well on its way now that March is here. However, the ocean water is still a little chilly! Fortunately, there are plenty of fun beach activities that don’t involve the water for everyone to enjoy.

VolleyballPlaying Volleyball

One of the most active and enjoyable beach activities is a fun round of volleyball. All you need to start having a good time is a net, a ball, and a group of players!

Flying a Kite

Spring is the perfect season to go out and fly a kite. With strong spring winds rolling in, you will be able to lift your kite up to where the air is clear and send it soaring!

Searching for Seashells

With a keen eye and a leisurely pace, you can stroll along the shoreline and look for discarded seashells from the ocean to add to your collection.

Gathering Around a Campfire

When the sun starts to go down, you can still have fun by gathering around a campfire, enjoying roasted marshmallows, and singing some classic campfire songs together.