GM Heritage Center Houses Beautiful Piece of Cadillac History

GM Heritage CenterPeek under the hood of any car and you might count four, six, or maybe even eight. That is the number of cylinders making up most modern car engines.

That’s now.

In the days of yore, when the chrome was thick, the interstates non-existent, and fuel efficiency was no one’s concern, it was a very different story.

During that time, the 1920s, the two leaders in luxury automobiles were Packard and Cadillac. In order to get a leg up on Packard, Cadillac manufactured a sixteen-cylinder car. Oddly, it didn’t pack a lot of power. The V16 only produced 165 horsepower.

Yet it was highly customizable. You could pick it up in one of ten different body styles. GM Authority reports that it was “available in just about any color and any manner of personalization.”

Great car, bad timing. The V16 Cadillac sold really well out of the gates. Then, the stock market crashed, and sales quickly petered out. Luckily, there is a beautiful restored unit that sits in the GM Heritage Center.

Visit Devoe Cadillac today to see the current Cadillac models that will someday be housed in the GM Heritage Center as an important part of automotive history!