Get to Know Charitable, Expert Golf Teacher Tom Patri

GolfDealerships tend to partner with everyone from celebrities to local businesses and, more often than not, that helps them give back to the community at large. We’re no different and our partner Tom Patri is one of the most outgoing souls we’ve ever met. Let us here at DeVoe Cadillac tell you all about Tom Patri.

During summer, Tom travels to Long Island and Maryland, while spending his winters in Naples, Florida. A professional golfer with the Professional Golf Association, Patri has spent more than 30 years and 50,000 hours playing the sport he loves. A teacher, coach, and player, his heart is truly on the golf course.

To date, his junior students have won over 125 tournaments in almost every junior tour there is. A coach of club champions, state champions, national champions, and major professional champions, he’s clearly one of the best teachers there is.

Today, golf teacher Tom Patri continues to participate in tournaments himself while taking on new students every season. The founder of TP GOLF SCHOOLS at the Esplanade Golf and Country Club in Naples, Florida, Patri helps recreational players improve their game while bettering themselves at the same time.

A true patron of the community, Tom Patri is far from your average golfer.