How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

Amid life’s bustle and busy days, it’s easy to put off washing your car until it’s absolutely filthy. However, remembering to clean your ride regularly is a great way to preserve its looks, extend its life, and even protect your safety. If you’re not sure why you should wash your car often or how often you should wash your car, read on to find out.

Reasons to wash regularly 

As you drive, your car accumulates all sorts of dirt and buildup that can fade or scratch its paint and corrode its metal — everything from dead bugs and tree sap to rough debris and salt from the sea. Regular washes and waxes will clear away these contaminants and keep your vehicle bright, shiny, and new. Whether you plan to drive your car for a long time or trade it in soon, its value and looks will benefit greatly from frequent cleaning. As a bonus, you’ll also be safer, thanks to greater visibility through your freshly cleaned windows!

How often should I wash my car?

HowStuffWorks recommends giving your car a wash at least every two weeks. If your car is exposed to salt from the ocean or collects lots of dead bugs, it’s wise to clean it even more often. And now that you’re on a regular cleaning schedule, don’t forget to protect your vehicle with an occasional wax job as well — at least twice a year.

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