Huge “Thank You” To Everyone Who Came in Last Month!

All of us here at DeVoe Cadillac just want to take a second and say thank you to everyone who came in last month to purchase, lease or service a car. If you didn’t hear, we partnered with Bosom Buddies, a local non-profit, this October and donated money to them for every sale or service. So if you came in and did any of those things, you helped make a difference in someone’s life!

But just because October is officially over doesn’t mean we can just forget about breast cancer until next October. Bosom Buddies is 100% committed to helping people in the Naples area who dealing with breast cancer. If you feel led to give to them, either by by volunteering or by donating money, please, by all means, do it!

Check out the Bosom Buddies website or give them a call at 239-417-4600.