Keep Your Car Cool in the Summertime with These Tips

Summer is a great time to spend your time cruising outside, but unfortunately, it also means you have to be smart to beat the heat. If you need to keep your car cool, here are a few awesome tips for preventing your vehicle from turning into a mobile oven under the sun’s hot rays.

Keep Your Car Cool

Crack Your Windows

Part of the problem is that after sunlight comes into your vehicle, it heats up the air in the car, and having your windows rolls up prevents that hot air from escaping. Cracking your windows help your car ventilate.

Park in Shade or Use a Sunshade

You can’t always find a shady spot, so invest in something to cover your windshield or windows.

Tint Your Windows

This helps prevent your car from getting too hot both while you’re parked and driving if you’re willing to cough up the extra money.

Use Bottom Air Vents First

Heat rises. If you’re overheating while drive, try turning on the vents by your feet first before you turn on the one aimed at your face.

Have us check your AC

We at DeVoe Cadillac offer year-round AC service, so if you want to keep your car cool in the summertime, don’t hesitate to stop by our dealership and have our trained service technicians take a look at your Cadillac.