Amp Up Your Vacation With This Must Have Beach Gear

If you are planning any beach time this summer, you know that going to the beach is more complicated that just packing your swimsuit and a towel. If you want to have the best beach day ever, consider some of this must have beach gear.

  • Lock box. With all the gadgets we carry with us, finding a safe place for them at the beach can be complicated. The SAFEGO vacation vault, locks onto a chair or pole and keeps your valuables secure.
  • Microfiber towel. Get dry quickly with one of these microfiber towels. Not only will you be drier faster, but this towel is much smaller than traditional towels, leaving more room in your beach bag for other essentials.

must have beach gear

  • Sand free tote. Whenever you leave the beach, you know that you will be bringing home lots of sand. But with this unique sand-free tote, there won’t be any sand at the bottom of your bag. It filters the sand out of the bottom of the bag, but won’t let any come in.
  • Baby powder. Did you know that this common household item will magically clean the sand off your body? Be sure to pack a bottle and you will be sand-free and baby powder fresh.

Which of these beach day items are you planning to pack for your next adventure? Need a new summertime adventure vehicle? Come visit us at DeVoe Cadillac today.