New Cadillac Global Headquarters Takes Company to Big Apple

new Cadillac global headquartersIt’s well known in the car industry that Cadillac is revamping its image with the goal of reestablishing itself as a global luxury brand. Through a combination of a strong, appealing lineup and a bright future, it’s safe to say that the American carmaker is successfully doing so. Now, Cadillac is taking this move toward superstardom one step further—literally. The General Motors’ luxury division is moving to a new location, from the American car Mecca of Detroit to New York City.

“With the relentless upward repositioning of successive new-generation Cadillac products, the next logical step is to provide Cadillac more freedom to cultivate the brand in pursuit of further global growth,” said GM President Dan Ammann. “Cadillac’s mission is to reinstate the brand to a pre-eminent position among global luxury brands, a bold challenge requiring a distinct and focused new organization. More than a division or brand, Cadillac is becoming a center of excellence for our company.”

The new Cadillac global headquarters, which will be located in the Soho area in a modern loft office building, will be the first of many new changes Johan de Nysschen, the new head of Cadillac, will implement. The company is even making itself a separate business unit, meaning that though the company remains part of General Motors, it will be separated from its existing status of a GM brand.

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