How to Not Get Locked Out Of Your Car

There is almost nothing worse that realizing you have just been locked out of your car. Most people realize this almost the second it happens. You close the door and suddenly you see your keys are sitting on your driver seat and the doors are locked. Here are a few tips to help prevent that situation or help you get out of it quickly when it does happen.

  • Keep your keys on you. When you are getting out of your car, always take your keys with you. Put them in your pocket or purse.
  • Use the fob. If you always use the key fob to lock your doors, this means you will always have them in your hand when the doors are locked.

locked out of your car

  • Use OnStar. All new Cadillac vehicles come equipped with OnStar. Use your subscription service to remotely unlock your car in case you do get locked out.
  • Have a spare. You can try keeping a spare key in your purse or giving one to a friend or family member. If you get locked out, give them a call to see if they can come help you out.

Here at DeVoe Cadillac, we hope you never find yourself in this situation, but with these tips, you can get on your way quickly again.