Best Apps For Drivers

With all the talk going on these days about the new iPhone 5 and just smartphones in general, we wanted to butt in and voice our opinion – not on which cell phone we think is best – but what apps are the “must-haves” for any drivers with a smart phone. Here are the top three apps in our humble opinion:

1.)    Waze – This free app, voted as one of the “top five apps for driving” by Total Car Score, is a community-driven app that lets drivers alert others to traffic conditions, road hazards, accidents and the nearest cheap gas station. And the best part is this app is completely voice operated so that you can keep your eyes on the road.

2.)    Gas Buddy – Drivers of electric cars can ignore this one. But for the rest of us that operate gas powered cars, this one is a must have. Gas Buddy lists out all the nearby gas stations, along with all the prices, so that you can be sure you’re getting the most gas for your money.

3.)    Audible – This one is our top favorite. Next time you’re on a nice long road trip with the family, make sure you have Audible. Essentially, Audible is a database of over 100,000 book titles that you can listen to for free.

Of course, DeVoe Cadillac wants to encourage you to always practice safe driving habits and download these awesome apps before you hit the road. And if you have any questions whatsoever about any Cadillac cars, or what books we recommend you listen to on Audible, swing by our dealership on Naples, Florida – We’d love to talk with you!

Cadillac Innovation Golf Series Improves Your Performance on the Road and on the Green

Cadillac is presenting another Cadillac Innovation Golf Series at TPC Stonebrae in San Francisco, California.  The clinic will feature the all-new XTS as their highlight Cadillac model.  Golfers will get the chance to check out the new XTS, as well as improve their golf game.

David Leadbetter, the world’s number one golf instructor, will be sharing his tips and tricks with golfers on how to improve their short game technique and play better on the green.  Check out the video below for some of Leadbetter’s tips and a few sneak peeks at the XTS.

Golfers looking to improve their performance on the road, as well as the green can stop by our dealership, DeVoe Cadillac and take the all-new XTS for a test drive.

2013 Cadillac ATS Named Esquire Car of the Year

Every year Esquire magazine takes a good, hard look at all the cars released in the last year and evaluates them. They look at the numbers—things like acceleration times, fuel mileage, and sales potential. But even more important than the numbers, according to this article by Sam Smith, is just the way the car makes you feel.

The car of the year shouldn’t be solely based on the numbers (and the ATS has very good numbers we might add). You could have a lightning fast car that just isn’t functional, or maybe the price is just outrageous. That’s why were so thrilled to see that people are realizing that the ATS truly is one of the best overall cars ever built.

It’s a fine piece of American craftsmanship that will make you want to wake up early on a Saturday morning before the kids get up just so that you can drive your favorite road. It’s the kind of car that makes you want to leave early so you can take the long way. It’s the Cadillac ATS, and it’s going to be at our dealership soon.

Cadillac V-Series Performance Academy Coming to Naples Area

Imagine taking a driving class, led by world-class racecar drivers, where you could not only learn fundamentals of driving in a classroom setting, but then you could also get behind the wheel of a car and put into practice all the things you just learned. It would be pretty awesome, right?

Now imagine that same thing, but the car you got to drive wasn’t some weak car with training wheels – It was a 556 HP Cadillac CTS-V with a V8 and 551 lb.ft. of tourque, pushing you back into your seat as you go 0-60 in 3.9 seconds.

Sound too good to be true? Well this dream could become a reality on October 21 when Cadillac’s driving instructors pay a visit to the Palm Beach International Raceway for a lesson at the Cadillac V-Series Performance Academy. And just a forewarning – this isn’t like the driving class you took in highschool. Get ready for some white-knuckled, adrenaline-pumping, drifting around corners, driving action!

Sign-ups are now available for the class at Palm Beach International Raceway in Jupiter, Florida. Only 3 hours away from Naples! Check out the website at

“Cadillac ATS vs. The World” Part 4: China

In the fourth and final part of the “Cadillac ATS vs The World” video series, Derek Hill and Ross Thomas encounter their biggest challenge yet – The Guoliang Tunnel. This tunnel, located in China, is literally carved out of a mountain, and any mistakes made while driving on this dark, unpaved road could prove to be disastrous. Thank goodness the ATS comes equipped with adaptive headlights, peeking around corners, and magnetic ride control, keeping the car firmly planted on the ground as it rips around corners. Check it out below:

The ATS will be available at DeVoe Cadillac late summer 2012.

“Cadillac ATS vs. The World” Part 3: Monaco

In part three of the “Cadillac ATS vs. The World” series, Derek Hill takes the ATS for a spin around one of the most renowned race tracks in the world – The Monaco Grand Prix Circuit. Will the sharp turns and narrow streets of the circuit be too much for the ATS to handle? Check out the video below to find out:!

DeVoe Cadillac is looking forward to the arrival of the ATS late summer 2012.

“Cadillac ATS vs. The World” Part 2: Morocco

In Part one of the “Cadillac ATS vs. The World” video series, we witnessed the ATS take on one of the windiest places on earth, Patagonia, and succeed. This time, the ATS has traveled to a slightly warmer climate where it will face its next challenge: the Atlas Mountains. This test is designed specifically for the Brembo brakes on the ATS.

Will the ATS triumph once again? Or has the ATS finally met its match? You’ll just have to watch it for yourself.!

“Cadillac ATS vs. The World” Part 1: Patagonia

A couple weeks ago on our blog we shared the trailer for the “Cadillac ATS vs The World” video series. In that trailer, we got to see a few clips here and there of the ATS barreling through a hand-carved tunnel in China, weaving around corners in Morocco, and speeding down a long, flat road in windy Patagonia, Arizona.

Now, it is with great pleasure, that we share with you the first part of this epic series. Watch as the ATS takes on its first challenger – the wind. How will the advanced aerodynamics on the ATS perform? You’ll just have to watch and find out!

The ATS will be available at DeVoe Cadillac late summer 2012.

Simple Ways to Save Gas

Gasoline. We all have a love-hate relationship with the golden fluid that keeps our cars running. On one hand, we love being able to drive around from place to place getting things done at lightning speed (in comparison to walking everywhere). But on the other hand, we HATE having to spend $30, $40, even upwards of $50 every time we stop by the gas pump.

So what options do we have? Stop driving? Buy a road-bike?

No way, José! There are plenty of ways you can cut down on gas usage, and we would love to share a few of them with you!

First thing to do is check your tire pressure. Driving on tires that are not properly inflated could greatly increase your gas usage. Basically there are two things that make your tires lose air: time and temperature. No matter what, as you drive, your tires are very slowly leaking air, and as you may have guessed, under-inflated tires have more rolling resistance. This means your car needs to work harder (burn more gas) in order to keep moving. Next time you get a chance, take a look at your owner’s manual to see how much your tires should be inflated, fill them up to the appropriate level, and make sure to check them often.

Next, check your air filter. A clogged air filter limits the amount of air flow to the engine, which is harmful to gas economy. The good news is, this is an extremely easy fix. Simply remove the air filter and hold it up to the sun. Can’t see any sunlight? Then it’s time for a new filter.

Finally, get all the junk out of your trunk – seriously. The more weight that’s in your car means the more weight your car has to lug around. It’s a simple concept, but it’s often overlooked. You know that bag of golf clubs you’re keeping back there just in case an afternoon opens up? That’s costing you big moolah every time you go to fill up your tank. Sure, the amount of gas you’ll save the first few times after cleaning your car out won’t be anything too substantial, but making changes like this one can really add up.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to increase fuel efficiency, or would like a professional mechanic to take a look at your vehicle, swing by the service department at DeVoe Cadillac. One of our certified mechanics would love to take a look at your car and get it running as efficiently as possible.

DeVoe Automotive Gives Back To The Naples Community

Everybody has heard the saying that the best thing to invest in is – all together now – your education. However, continuing education after high school is getting more and more expensive, meaning that less young people can afford going to college. That’s exactly why one of the best times of the year for all of us here at DeVoe is when the school year is winding down and high school seniors are preparing to move on to the next phase in their life.

Every year since 1970, we have had the privilege of helping about 10 students with their college tuition by providing them with scholarships. In fact, since Mr. Richard DeVoe started this scholarship program in 1970, DeVoe has paid out over $2 million to assist students in paying for college. This year alone, we are happy to provide 10 graduating high school seniors with $12,000 each to help finance their college education.

However, it’s not easy to narrow the field down to 10 students. The DeVoe Scholarship committee interviews students and evaluates test scores, GPA, goals, and motivation to determine who to award the scholarships to.

So after much thought and consideration, we are happy to award the following students with scholarships:

  • Aysegul Ozturk – Lely High School
  • Sergio Alvarez – Golden Gate High School
  • Lacey Pearson – Naples High School
  • Patrick McPhee – Gulf Coast High School
  • Rebecca DePrisco – Palmetto Ridge High School
  • Daniel Barnebee – Barron Collier High School
  • Stephanie Spear – Barron Collier High School
  • Marcos Gonzalez – Immokalee High School
  • Daniel Guzman-Ramos – Immokalee High School
  • Daniela Salazar – Lorenzo Walker High School

Congratulations to all of you! You’ve earned it!