Saving Money on Electric Bills During Summer

Electric Bills During Summer

Everyone likes to save money when possible, but the summer heat can be too much at times. Unfortunately, air conditioning tends to drive electric bills during the summer fairly high and that isn’t good for your wallet. On the bright side, there are ways to stay cool and keep your money. We here at DeVoe Cadillac have a few ways you can save money on electric bills during summer months.

Unplug – Believe it or not, some appliances and products use electricity even when they’re off; it’s more like they’re in “standby” as opposed to be completely unplugged. Fortunately, the solution to save a little money is to literally unplug them. Alternatively, use surge protectors and simply flick the switch to cut the power completely.

Laundry – Washers and dryers can generate a fair amount of heat which is why it pays to do the laundry at night, when it’s cooler. It doesn’t help that the water heater has to use power to heat the water up to begin with. To cut down on power usage, use cold water whenever possible. It wouldn’t hurt to hand-dry dishes instead of using a dishwater, too.

Air Conditioning – Coming in from a hot day under the sun calls for lowering the temperature on the air conditioner, right? Unfortunately, that few minutes of relief can cost a bundle. Instead, find a different way to cool off, such as taking a cool shower.

We have other Summertime tips for you to consider as well. Just be sure to reach out to us at DeVoe Cadillac should you need any services for your car!