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New Cadillac SUV Debut Scheduled for LA Auto Show

Rumor has it that Cadillac is expected to reveal its next-gen SRX SUV at the LA Auto Show this fall, which will be one of eight new vehicles the company will unveil before 2020. Its new SUV is… Read More

Cadillac SRX Assembly Plants

GM Invests $233 Million Into Cadillac SRX Assembly Plants

When you have something great, there’s no reason you shouldn’t invest in it, which is why it comes as no surprise that General Motors recently announced a combined $233 million investment into Cadillac SRX assembly plants. The American… Read More

Cadillac Driver Assist Technology

Pretty much every car commercial ever made shows a car driving peacefully along a nice country road, or along a breathtaking coastline – no stop lights or traffic in sight. However, the truth is that driving can be… Read More