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Cadillac Ciel Concept Makes Headlines in New Entourage Movie

If you’re a fan of Cadillac and the former HBO Show Entourage, you definitely want to keep reading! If you’re not sure what show we’re talking about, take a moment to run out and pickup the series on… Read More

Cadillac Reveals New Elmiraj Concept

What an exciting year it has been for Cadillac. First came the new, luxurious XTS. Then came the sporty ATS. A few months ago Cadillac revealed their updated flagship, the 2014 CTS. We’re all looking forward to Cadillac’s… Read More

Akerson Makes Big Announcement For Cadillac!

Dan Akerson, the CEO of General Motors, made a big announcement the other day about the future of Cadillac. According to Akerson in an article by Fox News, “Cadillac is working on a range-topping super-size sedan and expects… Read More