Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter

preparing your vehicle for winterWhile the Polar Vortex struck much of the country last year, life, for the most part, continued as usual here in Naples, Florida. As the weather continues to spring surprises, a report by Naples News suggests that colder than normal temperatures could even reach us this year. Now, we at DeVoe Cadillac are obviously not meteorologists, so we’ll leave the weather predicting to them. However, in preparation for a potentially colder-than-normal season, we do have some tips on preparing your vehicle for winter.

  1. Check your tires. As the temperature drops, so will the pressure in your tires. Regularly check that they are filled to the manufacturer’s recommended level (which you’ll find in your owner’s manual or on the side interior panel of the driver’s door) as it will increase their performance and your vehicle’s efficiency.
  2. Top off your fluids. Windshield washer fluid and antifreeze will be necessary in the winter, especially if the temperature drops below normal. Be sure to consult your owner’s manual to determine the proper solution for your vehicle.
  3. Keep up with routine maintenance. No matter how cold the weather may or may not get, it’s important to stay on track with your routine vehicle maintenance. This includes scheduling oil changes, replacing windshield wiper blades (it should be done once a year), and washing your car.

We’ll have to wait and see if this winter will bring a Polar Vortex that actually touches us here in Naples. If it does, at least you know your vehicle will be ready.

Cadillac Reports Best May Sales Since 2007!

Next time you’re out and about driving around town, take a look around you. Not at all the other people on the road, but all the different makes and models. What are people driving these days?

See any Cadillac’s? We wouldn’t be surprised if you did! Ever since Cadillac started to revamp its lineup and introduce new cars, Cadillac sales have been through the roof. In act, as the title of this blog says, Cadillac just reported its best month of May in 7 years.

No doubt people are noticing that Cadillac has stepped up its game in a big way and everyone wants to be a part of the Cadillac family.

Whether you’re just starting out your professional career, or you’re just getting settled into retirement, we have the right car for you here at DeVoe Cadillac in Naples, Florida. Stop by today to check out our vast selection!

DeVoe Cadillac

DeVoe Automotive Proud to Provide Scholarships for Local Students

All of us here at DeVoe Cadillac are proud to announce the 2014 DeVoe scholarship winners have been picked! It’s been our pleasure to provide local students with financial assistance through the years. College is expensive, but our hope is that with these scholarships, more local students will be able to go on and pursue their dreams.

The DeVoe family’s goal is to reward young students who have developed a strong work ethic and a desire to further their education. Scholarship recipients may major in any field of study, but must be able and willing to show financial need. In addition, they must be upstanding young citizens within the community with solid academic records.

See below for the list of this years DeVoe scholarship recipients:

  • Alexa Boyd – Barron Collier
  • Elizabeth Hernandez – Lorenzo Walker
  • Anita Munoz Trejo – Immokalee
  • Chandler Whitehead – Gulf Coast
  • Kaitlyn Huaroto – Gulf Coast
  • Jeffrey Flores – Immokalee
  • Caitlin Early – Golden Gate
  • Kara Dudley – Naples
  • Santiago Ospina – Lely
  • Shelby Sorrell – Palmetto Ridge

Congratulations and best of luck to all of you!

DeVoe Scholarship


Cadillac CUE Navigation Overview

Technology in cars these days is just unreal. Did you ever think you would see a day when you could get behind the wheel of a car that could verbally tell you how to get from one place to another? It’s really pretty awesome when you think about it.

In this blog, we want to just take a second and go over one of the coolest in car features we have in our new Cadillac’s: CUE. CUE, or the Cadillac User Experience, is basically the infotainment system in new Cadillac’s that controls everything from temperature, to music, and yes, navigation.

But instead of us just blabbering about everything CUE can do, we thought it would be better to just share this informative video with you. Check out the video below:

CUE is pretty great, isn’t it? And the best part is, it’s very easy to learn. Come see just how simple it is to get the hang of CUE at DeVoe Cadillac in Naples, Florida today.

First Cadillac Event in the “New” Showroom!

As most of you know, DeVoe Cadillac is undergoing a facelift and has been for a few months now. To all of you who have stopped by our dealership during construction, thank you so much for your patience! We’re building a better showroom and service center so we can serve you, our loyal customers, even better. To anyone who’s wondering – construction has been going very well and we’re now actually able to see a light at the end of the tunnel!

In fact, we’re so close to wrapping up, we were able to have our first event in the new Cadillac showroom the other day! It was a great time for all the employees. Lots of delicious food was eaten and many good laughs were had. Check out the pictures from the event below:

DeVoe Cadillac Construction Party DeVoe Cadillac Construction Party


See what we mean? We’re just about done over here! Keep checking our blog and Facebook page to see when the new showroom is officially done. We can’t wait to show it off to you!

Cadillac CTS: You Get What You Pay For

Cadillac has faced an uphill battle in the European luxury auto market, struggling to gain foothold in a saturated market. BMW, Audi, and other European brands have had a stronghold in our luxury car market for decades. In recent years, Cadillac has stepped up their game, slowly and methodically introducing their high-end vehicles to a market that demands the best of the best in quality and engineering.

It might now be safe to say that Cadillac has arrived. After a decade of struggling to match the sales and prices of Europe’s luxury cars, the Cadillac CTS is matching the prices of its rival Mercedes and BMW – and consumers are willing to pay it. According to, the Cadillac CTS averaged a sale price of $54,571 in the U.S. last month. That price is right up there with the Mercedes-Benz E-Class ($55,788) and the BMW 5 Series ($56,284).

Cadillac boosted prices the old fashioned way: they built a much better car. There are no tricks or gimmicks here, just a car that’s worth the little extra, and sales are proving it. The 2014 CTS is longer and lighter than its predecessor and packed with an array of standard features, not expensive add-ons. A wide variety of engines, meaning you can have your CTS your way, running all the way up to $73,000 for an incredibly powerful, luxurious car that keeps up with the big boys.

Stop by DeVoe Cadillac to see just how affordable real luxury can be. With our wide selection of vehicles and options, you’ll have no trouble finding the right vehicle for your lifestyle.

Check out Special 2015 CTS-V Coupe before Next Generation Takes Over

Cadillac will be making 500 limited-edition models of an exclusive V-Series CTS Coupe; specifically, it will be called the 2015 CTS-V Coupe, and it will be the last CTS model until the next generation supplants it next year. That makes this CTS-V Coupe even more special, as it’s both a limited edition and an ultimate collector’s item at the same time. They’ll be on sale during the second half of 2014, so make sure to come see us at DeVoe Cadillac before they’re gone.

Uwe Ellinghaus, chief marketing officer for Global Cadilac, explained what sets apart the new model. “The V-Series continues to elevate Cadillac, providing an exclusive family of high-performance luxury models that attract a new audience of elite and passionate buyers,” Ellinghaus said. “The special edition is a stepping stone to the next-generation V-Series, which will move to the next level with more dynamic design and technical sophistication.”

The limited-edition CTS-V Coupe will feature Cadillac’s exclusive Magnetic Ride Control, and pump 556 horsepower out of its supercharged V8 engine. The exterior and interior will both be tricked out with luxurious features, many of which will be exclusive to the special edition.

Cadillac CTS-V

2015 Cadillac Escalade Gets Supercharger Upgrade

You may have heard of the Hennessey Performance Engineering team in Texas—you know, the guys responsible for building one of the world’s fastest production cars?

The team’s latest project involves the 2015 Cadillac Escalade. The all-new luxury SUV barely had time to leave the first production batch that Hennessey picked one up for a bit of its renowned engine tuning.

The stock power unit is already impressive as it is: a naturally-aspirated 6.2-liter EcoTec3 V8 that delivers no less than 420 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque is definitely nothing to scoff at.

After Hennessey’s supercharger upgrade, the Escalade’s engine goes from being impressive to downright obscene. It features a belt-driven supercharger, air-to-water intercooler, recalibrated engine management software, and a three-year/36,000 mile powertrain warranty.

All of that plus 6 psi of boost helps the new engine crank out 557 horsepower and 542 pound-feet of torque. And to complement the extra performance, Hennessey is also offering a set of 20-inch lightweight H10 forged monoblock wheels.

Visit us at DeVoe Cadillac for more information about this incredible, supercharged 2015 Escalade.

2015 Escalade

The First Ever 2014 Cadillac ELR: Range

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about the new 2014 Cadillac ELR and how far it can go. And of course, considering the ELR is powered by electricity, that’s a great question! Here’s how it breaks down – the Cadillac ELR can go about 37 miles on electricity only. So say you charge your ELR overnight in your garage and your commute to work is only 15 miles. You would easily be able to do that without using a drop of gas. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

But we all know that no one only goes to work and back every day of the week. There are always errands to be run and people to see. That’s where the gas comes in. So to explain this better, imagine your house just lost power and, well, you want to have power. What do you do? Fire up the generator, right? Fill up the generator with some gas, and voila! Your house now has power again.

The ELR works in basically the same way. When the ELR “loses power”, the gas generator onboard the ELR then kicks in seamlessly and starts giving power to the electric engine.

For more info on the ELR and how far it can go, check out the video below or visit us at DeVoe Cadillac in Naples, Florida:



Cadillac Shield: The Standard of Luxury Ownership

Have you ever heard of the Cadillac Shield? If you haven’t, it’s about time you learn about one of the best perks of buying a new Cadillac. Sure, the best part of buying a new Cadillac is, well, you get to drive around in one of the most sophisticated and luxurious cars available today. But another huge benefit is the peace of mind that comes standard with every new Cadillac via the Cadillac Shield. Let us explain.

The Cadillac Shield is comprised of 9 different elements that are designed to keep your car running strong, your wallet thicker and your stress level down. The nine elements are:

  • Warranty protection – 6 years/70,000 miles powertrain warranty or 4 years/50,000 miles bumper-to-bumper
  • Premium Care Maintenance – Routine oil changes, tire rotations, certain air filter replacements, and vehicle inspections for 4 years or 50k miles
  • Emergency by OnStar – Standard for 1 year
  • Security by OnStar – Standard for 1 year
  • Navigation by OnStar – Standard for 1 year
  • Diagnostics by OnStar – Standard for 1 year
  • Connections by OnStar – Standard for 1 year
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance – 6 years or 70,000 miles coverage includes: lockout, towing, refueling, Dealer Technician Roadside services and more
  • Courtesy Transportation – 6 years/ 70,000 miles

You can enjoy all those benefits after buying a new Cadillac. We should also add that no other luxury automaker comes even close to Cadillac when it comes to taking care of the customer after the sale. Just look at the picture below to see what we mean:

Cadillac Shield