Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel times of the year. It’s the start of the holidays and everyone is looking to connect with families and friends to celebrate. If you’re heading out of town this year, use these Thanksgiving travel tips from DeVoe Cadillac for a safe and efficient journey.

Many families travel by car during the Thanksgiving season. That can be the best and most comfortable way to go—especially when you’re driving in a spacious, accommodating, and luxurious Cadillac vehicle. Just remember that roads will be packed with families traveling for the holiday, so plan your route ahead of time and try to avoid big highways. If you can leave before Wednesday, you’ll miss the biggest rush of traffic. Just in case you get stuck, though, remember to pack plenty of snacks and entertainment for the crew.

The earlier you can plan your Thanksgiving flight, the better. Looking for airfare early gives you the chance to shop for low prices and to coordinate the departure and arrival times that work for you. Once you have your ticket and are packing for the flight, pack light. Many airlines now charge extra for larger carry-ons and baggage in general. Bring only what you need to save space and money on your flight.

Be Thankful