The ATS Wins Car of the Year Award

Here’s something to brighten your day—the 2013 Cadillac ATS has been named Car of the Year by the experts at the North American International Auto Show. (Okay, well it brightened our day, at least.)

To earn this awesome distinction, the 2013 Caddy ATS had to beat out almost four dozen other competitive 2013 vehicles, some of which were thought to be shoe-ins for the grand prize. The ATS was chosen by an extensive panel of judges (49, to be exact), who were all critically acclaimed, expert automotive journalists from the United States and from Canada. Each offered one vote for their favorite to win after examining each vehicle for several different categories. These included handling, performance, innovation, driver satisfaction, safety, and overall value.

The ATS’s victory marks a significant moment in the rebirth of GM, following the nation’s financial crisis of 2008. An ecstatic but contemplative David Leone, GM’s executive chief engineer for luxury vehicles, spoke well of everyone on the GM and Cadillac team, saying they all “worked tirelessly for five years to bring the car to market.” It was a big day for GM and Cadillac.

Want to see just why the 2013 Cadillac ATS was named Car of the Year? Head down to DeVoe Cadillac and take one out for a spin!