Discover Cadillac’s New Direction at the V-Performance Lab

V-Performance LabEver wondered how you might handle a genuine track experience? Of course, the only way to do it is behind the wheel of a beautiful and brilliantly-engineered sports sedan. Thinking one of the V-Performance entries from Cadillac?

Cadillac is thinking the same thing. That’s why the automaker has created the V-Performance Lab at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut. It’s a one-day track academy that involves, according to a journalist at The Drive, “evasive maneuvers, launch control testing, several slalom courses and braking and avoidance, and skidpad work on how to induce, hold and correct oversteer.”

If it sounds challenging, remember you will meet these obstacles commanding one of the new 2017 Cadillac ATS-V models, a 465-horsepower well-oiled machine engineered with the track in mind. Beyond the sheer power, the Magnesium paddle shifters and Magnetic Ride Control are sure to come in handy as well.

It’s all part of a new and exciting turn Cadillac is taking. From moving their headquarters to the center of style and innovation (New York City) to creating the stunning V-Performance lineup, Cadillac is clearly aiming to show us what happens when you combine the heights of power and comfort with equal measure inspiration. Find out firsthand at the V-Performance Lab at Lime Rock Park.